How Selfish!

23-Dec-2020 • San Francisco, California, United States

I must have heard the news about a UNITED Airlines passenger who died on board the flight at least 10 times in the last three days. The incident occured last December 14.

What made this news very alarming was that the passenger coming from Florida on his way to Los Angeles had COVID and he knew all about it.  The passenger who developed breathing problems on board and who later died at the hospital lied to airline personnel.  He stated that he had not tested positive at all on the health form that the airline passed out prior to boarding.  It was later discovered that he had indeed tested positive for the virus a week before his flight and yet he decided to fly.  Even the deceased passenger's wife was overheard telling the paramedics that her husband had been showing symptoms. 

I am concerned for the welfare of the passengers on board the flight.  The flight after all was with UNITED and this airline never flies empty.  I am even more worried about the good samaritans who came forward and took turns giving the passenger in distress CPR.  I read that the paramedic who came on board the plane after the flight had been diverted to New Orleans and who also did CPR on the passenger has now begun to show symptoms. 

I just hope and pray that the people who plan to travel this holiday season will be responsible and stay home instead especially if they are sick.  Please, please people.  Missing this Christmas is totally worth it if it means stopping the spread of the virus and we get have more to holidays to celebrate in the future.