Going Nuts!

22-Dec-2020 • San Francisco, California, United States

Our on and off lockdown is driving me nuts!!!  Would you believe?  I have only gone out of the house once in the last three weeks.  Fearful of getting the virus, I have been so scared to step out of our building with the pandemic raging like it is now.  It is tough and spending the day sleeping, watching YOU TUBE videos, and reading can only entertain me so much.  

Yesterday, my partner and I did go for an hour long drive around Golden Gate Park and up and down the very long California Avenue.  Unlike last spring though when people really stayed home, we saw a different scene this time around.  There were people everywhere.  Granted they were not in the same numbers pre COVID, there were people walking in the streets just the same.   In fact, it seemed as though life was slowly going back to normal. 

I suppose the people we saw were like me, tired of the lockdown.  I may be complaining now, but, I still wouldn't dare fly, go shopping, or congregate.  In fact, we have now begun our grocery shopping by ordering deliveries.  We stopped going to Trder Joe's, Safeway, and Costco.   I find it hard to believe grocery shopping in person now poses a risk as well.  Why, last November, we went to buy essentials twice or three times a week.  Now, we have to plan way in advance what foods need replenishing and restocking in our kitchen pantry.  

Just like Thanksgiving Day, I shall be talking to my family by phone at Christmas and New Year's Day.  Health authorities asked us to stay home, and stay home I will.  It is just too much of a risk not to.  I have seen enough videos from the news about people who suffered from COVID and died.  Scenes of doctors connecting a tube into someone's body while blood oozed like water coming of a faucet is not exactly a pretty picture.