My New Year's Resolution for 2021

6-Jan-2021 • San Francisco, California United States

Its that time of year once again and people all across the globe are making their New Year's Resolutions.  A lot promise themselves to get fit, diet, and exercise.  

If 2021 were not a pandemic year, people for sure would be flocking to the gyms by now and signing up for membership.  I see it happen every year.  Be it in the gym in our condo building where I can workout for free or gyms like 24 Fitness which I used to frequent as a paying member up until the pandemic began.  

Be it the new year or not, I have long decided that I would try to be consistent and work out regularly.  I haven't always been successful but I have seen results.  Sad to say, I've fallen off the wagon a few times and gained back the weight I lost just a few months later. 

I was particularly struck by what an Instagram follower and friend told me a few months ago about exercising.  Now this friend of mine has a body to die for.  He works out every single day and possesses a very sculptured body.  He's not overly bulky.  In fact, he's slim and his muscles are just right.  He has the 6 pack too.  Anyway, it was he who told me that he exercises because he hopes to be able to walk when he is old. 

How very true.  I keep that in mind now every time I exercise.  For me, looking great is not the main purpose why I exercise.  I want my body to be strong and healthy.