Thanksgiving 2020 Part 2

22-Nov-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

The whole week this week, I taught my students the history behind the celebration of Thanksgiving.  Just like I do every single year, I tell them about how we as a nation give thanks on this most special day for all our blessings. While there has been much suffering this year due to the pandemic, there is now hope with the development of a vaccine by Pfizer and Moderna.

On the other hand, until we all get vaccinated, we have to continue being careful especially over the holidays.  I too fear Thanksgiving and Christmas will give rise to an increase in infection rates after all the celebrations.  Though many are traveling to be with family this year, many too will stay home as encouraged by government and medical authorities.

So much has changed this year.  As for the Christmas events,  well, they too have begun to show signs of radical change.  The Christmas tree in Union Square was lit mid week last week.  What is usually a much waited event in the city after Thanksgiving, the tree lighting ceremony took place without us knowing it.  In fact, I just heard about it on the news after it all happened.  There is no skating rink in the square nor in the Embarcadero either this year for obvious reasons. Christmas decorations are pretty scarce.  Hotels with their lavish decors are closed.  

Macy's and Neiman Marcus, two of my most favorite department stores, have likewise very limited Holiday Lanes this year.  Truly, truly limited and I totally understand.  Many people are afraid to go inside stores and shop.   I have gone a number of times but still not as often as I used to.  With the news predicting a rise in the Corona virus infection rate in the city, I plan to not go anymore.  Just to be safe.  

I truly hope this pandemic will be over soon.  There has been so many deaths.  So much sadness and suffering.  Too much loneliness.