The Pandemic After Thanksgiving

6-Dec-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

Life has been quite scary these past days after Thanksgiving here in the US.  News about the rising COVID infection everywhere in the country is more than enough to make me think about going out.  I don't even want to go to the supermarket anymore to buy my weekly groceries.  Just like what the medical authorities have suggested, I've decided to order my food online and have them delivered to my home instead. 

Last night though, I went to Trader Joe's, the hour before closing.  Nightly news showing empty shelves in supermarkets have rattled me into buying supplies for the next two to three weeks.  With my pantry nearly empty, I had no choice but go.  What a relief it was to see few people in TJs. 

It's just hard to believe that now, even a trip to my neighborhood supermarket poses a huge risk to the virus given that many people have now gotten infected over the holidays, what with millions going against the travel advice, and visiting and gathering with family and friends during the week of November 23rd. 

I am just hoping and praying that we get out of this pandemic really soon and we can get the vaccine right away.