It's Not Okay to Fly nor Congregate but It's Okay to Open schools

21-Nov-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

I am so puzzled by all I hear from the news lately.  Now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are  fast approaching, national, state, and city leaders are discouraging people from gathering, believing that these events will spread the Corona virus and increase the infection rates in the weeks to come.  They point out the high risk from traveling on planes as well as the getting close to large groups of family members during the holiday celebrations. 

Yet, some government leaders and even doctors encourage schools to remain open citing figures that children do not easily spread the virus to each other.  But, I go back to my question of all times, "Don't children pass the virus on to adults?" It was reported in the UK recently that over a fifth of corona virus outbreaks in the week through November 8 occurred in education settings.  I can imagine, teachers got infected in the process.  Should authorities not count teacher infections as significant?  I am aghast at the thought that some people have truly, truly such low disregard for teachers.

I find it truly laughable that kids can gather in schools yet when they leave campuses, it becomes very dangerous for them to congregate and socialize with each other a block away.  I do not and will not argue with anyone about the value of education.  But, teachers' lives are at stake here not just the kids.  Teachers too have a right to live and survive this horrible pandemic.