Thanksgiving 2020

15-Nov-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

Never in a million years did I imagine Thanksgiving 2020 here in the US was going to be what it is shaping to be like.  In less than two weeks. we here in America will be celebrating one of the most wonderful of holidays.  Just like what the word says, Thanksgiving is the day for giving thanks.  This year, however, I don't think airports will be as busy since many people won't be traveling to be with their dear families.  I, for one, will be staying home and will be with my partner.  It's just going to be us.  Why?  It's the pandemic, of course. 

It's been a sad year, yet I guess there is still a lot to be thankful for.  I simply hope the vaccine by Pfizer will get to the public really soon so we can get on with our lives and live the way we did before Covid.  It's been quite surprising to hear medical authorities discourage people from traveling by plane.  Why just a few weeks ago, it was reported in the news that flying is sooo safe, even safer than going to the supermarket.  I guess it is not after all.  I didn't believe the news reports one bit.  I knew all along that flying was a big risk.

One doctor I know who attended a ZOOM Conference recently for work was told that there will be a big surge in Covid cases post Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  I suppose the government knows that despite warnings not to congregate even with families this year, many people will still do.  I have a relative in the state of Florida who laughed at the suggestion by California's governor about social distancing during the holidays.  She stated in her Facebook account that she was going to gather up her family and there was no way anyone or anything could prevent her from doing so.  She felt that if everyone was healthy and strong, there was no reason not to be together, celebrate and be merry.

I didn't respond to my relative's comment on her Facebook page, but it was very clear to me that we here in the US have such opposite opinions about COVID.  There are people who believe that COVID doesn't exist, there are those who think that it is just the flu, while others wear masks and socially distance to protect themselves and avoid becoming another victim during this pandemic. 

I am simply hoping for the best.