To fly or not to fly

29-Oct-2020 • San Francisco, Calilfornia United States

Yesterday, I vented.  I vented my anger in my blog post.  I wrote about how flying has been reported to be safe by many news agencies.  Today, I read even more reports stating how flying is even safer than going to the supermarket.  Imagine that!  I do think it is important to note that the research about flying and the safety of flying during the pandemic were undertaken by airlines and airplane manufacturers.  Hence, what do you expect? 

Yet, across the Atlantic, in Europe, to be exact, it was reported that several people got infected by the virus while on a flight to Dublin, Ireland.  Several adults and a child did, with one of those infected ending up in the ICU.  So, at this point, who are we to believe? 

It seems to me that flying these days is a decision one has to make very carefully.  Day after day, I watch YOU TUBE videos of people on airplanes traveling for business and pleasure to different parts of the world during these crazy times of COVID 19 and have come out of it unscathed.  They arrive at their destination healthy and negative for the disease.  Perhaps, I am just too scared and that nothing bad will really happen to me if I did.  Yet, my gut tells me not to. 

Besides, where can I go now anyway given that Europe is back on lockdown and cases are on the rise in most of the USA? 

Go and travel should you have the urge to wander but do be careful.