First Week of School

30-Aug-2020 • San Francisco United States

Call it stress! I agree! It would be nice to eat a cone of ice cream right about now.  I just completed my first week of school.  Everyday I've been teaching via ZOOM.  What can I say?  While for the most part, my classes have been running fine, there have been problems and issues.  Some of the chromebooks our school lent out to our students do not work.  A number of kids couldn't get access to some websites we're using.  It's been quite a challenging time.

I begin tomorrow anew and I am just hoping all will go smoothly.  There is no denying I have been working overtime each day since Monday.  In fact, I've been working 10-12 hour days.  Back before the pandemic, I made sure to be in school by 8 in the morning and I was done teaching by 3 pm.  I made sure all classwork and homework were checked by 4 and off I went home.  Nowadays, I am answering emails or am on the phone talking to parents until 7 pm.  I even spent part of my weekend checking homework which were turned in late online.

I cannot wait for normalcy to return and a vaccine discovered.  That way, I can return to school and teach the way I have always done.  Distance learning and virtual classes are hard!!!