When will this pandemic be over?

17-Aug-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

The llama stuffed animal we bought at the Central Market in Miraflores for a souvenir.

The last time I traveled was last November 2019.  Little did I know that it would be the last of my trips for a long while.  There's no doubt I would rather stay home than risk getting sick while traveling to some faraway place.  I am aware that there's a handful of places where Americans can travel to in Europe and in the Caribbean.  

I consider myself fortunate to still be working and have a steady job.  Just from watching the news on TV, I know there are thousands who have lost their employment and are having a hard time making both ends meet.  I can't really complain and not having gone on vacation is the least of my worries.

I can't exactly say that the time since we left school has been all fun and rest.  How could it have been when in March, I together with everyone else was so scared of the virus.  We were told to stay indoors and stay indoors we most certainly did.  Shortly after school closed abruptly, I resumed teaching online.  Just like any other school year, I checked attendance, taught virtually, checked homework, attended staff meetings, and did report cards.  I even went back to my classroom to put things away for the summer.

Come Thursday, I formally return to work and begin teaching Aug. 24th. Summer came and went and the farthest I had been this summer was a trip to the supermarket.  Oh, well, here's hoping for a vaccine really soon so we can all return to normal.