Junk is history!

1-Jun-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

I never thought I'd see the day when I would stop eating sweets and everything else junk.  In fact, it never ever crossed my mind.  I have always had a love for cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, and chips.  Never in a million years did I think they would affect my health the way they did.  

Last January, I had my annual heath check up which included a blood test.  Days later, all the results came in fine except for my fasting glucose test which yielded a result of 103 mg.  It was 4 mg over the limit of 99 mg which meant I was prediabetic.  My whole world crumbled. 

While my doctor asked that I got tested late December, I didn't go to the lab because I knew I had done something wrong.  I had been eating cake every week.  In fact, not only did I eat cake, I ate entire sheets of cake since April of 2019. 

True enough, the results were high.  Not so high per the people I knew who were diabetic but high enough to scare the daylights out of me.  Thus, the day after I got the results, it was goodbye to sweets et al. 

Not only did I shun sweets, I also stopped eating white rice, white bread, and everything else white.  I replaced chips with nuts, white rice with brown rice, and cake with fruits.  On top of that, I began eating more vegetables.  I had stopped eating pork and beef earlier and so I simply continued eating meat favorites like fish, chicken and turkey. I exercised a lot until the lock down began mid March and good enough, my sugar level went down to 89 mg as of late May this year.

It is rather alarming that when I go to the supermarket I see aisles upon aisles of junk food.  Lots of them.  Then there's a whole section just for cakes.  Add the aisles full of sodas and aisles for chips of every sort, and what have you?  A ticking time bomb for diabetes. 

I suppose I shall eat these delicious foods once again.  Just not in the same amount I used to consume them.  Everything in moderation from now on.