The School Year is Over!

17-Jun-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

It's hard to believe that we've been on lockdown for three months now.  Tuesday of last week, I had to return to my classroom to clean it out.  I, together with teachers around the country, all do right before we set off for our annual summer vacation.  I got to see my students one by one as they all came to pick up their belongings which they had to leave inside their desks abruptly last March. 

Many parents asked me when and how school will reopen in the fall.  I told everyone I didn't know.   I do know the risk of returning in the fall and contracting the virus.   There are just so many uncertainties.  

Normally too at this time of the year, I take the first week of summer vacation as time to relax and clear my head of work.  Then by the following week, I'm off on my trip to some part of the world.  At this point in time though, I can only be so thankful that I have had the chance to visit as many countries as I did.  I do hope normalcy will return soon so I can resume my globetrotting. 

Anyway, there are other important things I think about now other than feel sorry that I have had to cancel my travel plans.  Besides, even if I wanted to, there aren't many places abroad where I can travel to with the pandemic ever present in our midst.