The Kura Hulanda Museum

1-May-2020 • Willemstadt Curacao

This lady was still at the museum! I had my picture taken next to her on my very first visit to Curacao nine years earlier. It sure was nice to return.  I didn't notice a lot of changes to the site nor to the collections.  If there were, they certainly were very subtle.  It sure was nice to see it very leisurely this time.  

This was my picture last 2009 at the museum. Oh how time flies!

Here's the main facade of the building.

This was one of my favorite murals in the museum. Its depiction of local life reminded so much of the close knit Filipino families from different generations all living under one roof.   

This was the other mural I liked a lot.

The museum's welcome sign. I remember seeing some paintings inside the ticket office but even with the discount being offered, it was still expensive and so I had to pass..

There were certainly a lot of exhibits about and from Africa.  It didn't surprise me though given the fact that many Africans were taken as slaves by the Dutch in the olden days and taken to the island as forced labor.  

Such a colorful hut just like the buildings in the city.

This was one sculpture I remembered vividly and it impressed me a great deal.  Here we see a map of Africa.  Once it turns one sees a face.  

Here's what the map of Africa sculpture looks like once it turns and one looks at it from another angle. 

Impressive collection of Art!