Bye Curacao!

2-May-2020 • Willemstadt Curacao

The colorful waterfront shops of the capital, Willemstad.

Of all the ports we traveled to on this cruise to Southern Caribbean, our stop in Curacao was the longest.  We got there early and left really late.  In fact, Marc and I witnessed the city actually close as we walked around the capital.   Many stores, if not all, closed by 5 and the tourist area was pretty much deserted.  It was so unlike during the day when people were everywhere.

I remember us exploring the not so touristy side of the city too.  We passed by stores from where the locals made their purchases and restaurants where they hung out with friends.

Such wonderful memories for sure.  Given that I  am writing this blog entry a year after my trip to the island, I can't help but enjoy the memories of having traveled there a second time.  I hope the third and fourth visits are not far away.  There are other attractions I would like to see there and here's hoping cruising will return to normal very soon.

I just had to take a picture of this mural once again.  IT is easy to spot as it lined the river right by the ferry stop and in front of bars and restaurants next to the Kura Hulanda Museum .

This was one mural I had not seen in the island before.  Of course, it was the perfect photo opp I wasn't going to let pass.


These three birds were not there before. It was a nice sight.

The ferry terminal on the other side of the Sint Anna Bay.

Bye Curacao! It was another lovely stay! I hope to return really soon.