My Spring Break has arrived!

28-Mar-2020 • San Francisco United States

Spring vacation has officially begun today!!! Yes! Unlike previous spring breaks, however, I am at home in my lounge wear watching a lot of Roku channels, You Tube videos, and the local news.  Truth to tell, it is not much fun but I try to enjoy the day by resting as much as I can and being productive.  I cannot and will not complain.  The Covid 19 spread is serious and I can only hope a vaccine to fight it will be discovered soon. 

It's been nearly two weeks now since classes were originally called off for three weeks in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I was really hoping classes would be called off too when employees of tech giants based in the city were told to stay home.  There I was on the BART platform waiting for my train to work one morning, wondering when school children and us teachers would be told the same thing.  I don't think it happened until a week or two later.  I was beginning to get upset and worried.  "Who did the government officials think we were?  Superman?" Back then, it was the belief that children were not in danger and in fact, inherently able to withstand the virus.  I was just so happy when the classes were called off last March 16th.

Given the number of days off from work, school calendars were reconfigured and our spring break originally set for the third week of April was moved to March 28th to April 5h.  April 6th was the date set for our return to work.

I just watched videos of people whose lives were physically affected by the virus and I must say, I am terrified.  At first, I thought getting infected wasn't so bad, what with the majority of cases being mild.  But for the unlucky few who have been stricken ill, it has been an experience I wouldn't want for my self nor my enemies. 

I together with my partner have gone out of the house three times since our lock down.  The first was last Thursday when we went to Costco to buy groceries,  the second was last Saturday when we both had to see our dentist for a tooth repair, and the third and most recent one was this Friday afternoon when we went out for a walk after being home six days straight.  

I was honestly surprised to see the number of people walking in the neighborhood where we live.  Granted, people maintained their distance, I simply didn't expect to see the number of people out and about walking.  I suppose they too had a bad case of cabin fever.  Anyway, we are allowed to go out for a walk in our neighborhood and get some fresh air.    While outdoors, we thought of going to the supermarket a couple of blocks away but when we saw the long line of customers waiting to get in, we changed our minds.  We're still okay on food and we'll just food shop next time. 

I can't wait to see the day when this entire experience becomes a memory.  I really cannot.  I too hope that better days ahead of us will come soon and we can all once again live without fear.