San Francisco Lockdown

22-Mar-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

The Bay Bridge

Come Tuesday, we here in San Francisco will have been  on lockdown for a week.  The first time I heard the mayor ask us to stay home on TV, I truly thought it was going to be tough.  Well, we've been at it for 5 days now and we are managing just fine.  I do miss the outdoors then again I can't complain.  I know staying home is for our own benefit.  Who wants to have the corona virus anyway?  Besides, our lockdown is not as severe as the one in China.  We are still free to go out and take a walk provided we practice social distancing.  We've actually gone out of the house twice since the ordinance.  The first time was last Thursday when we we left home to go to Costco to buy food and the second time was yesterday when we had to go to our dentist.  Along the way on each trip, we saw empty streets and neighborhoods.  The only ones we saw out and about were the homeless.    

Our days have been spent watching the news, working, or reading.   I've been sleeping and waking up late too. The time off from work have been quite restful for me.  I've likewise been asked not to travel.  Truth to tell, my travel plans will have to be rescheduled.  I do have a trip planned for Portland, Oregon next month and another one to London and Israel this July.  

Here's hoping everyone will be safe.