Christmas Images

28-Dec-2019 • San Francisco United States

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I look forward to it every year. So much so I decorate my house as early as October with so much anticipation. Yet, Christmas 2019 came and went and I never felt it. I know why. First, I was extremely busy at work and second, it rained every weekend after Thanksgiving making it hard to go around town to make merry and even shop. I didn't even go to the Christmas party in our condo building. I remember being so exhausted when I got home from work when the event took place. I just didn't have the strength to dress up and mingle.

Then when I went shopping for all things Christmassy, I realized even stores had downsized their holiday lanes and Christmas departments. By the time Christmas arrived, all decorations were all sold and gone. Not because they were so popular they sold out so soon. Stores just didn't stock a lot of merchandise.

I did feel a bit sad this year. I remembered family and friends who departed. How I miss them so. For some reason, my holidays just aren't the same with them not around anymore.

I hope my Christmas experience is better next year. I do thank the Lord Almighty for another season.

I took very few pictures of Christmas decorations in and around the city this year. This was inside the Garden Court hotel of the Palace Hotel along Market Street.

This is the imposing tree in the lobby of the Neiman Marcus Department Store.

Right before I left work for our Christmas break, a student of mine gave me a box of cookies. Boy did they look pretty not to mention yummy. These were the last two I gobbled up within minutes.

When we were in Lima over Thanksgiving week the Larcomar shopping center was already in the Christmas spirit.