Bye Peru

27-Dec-2019 • Lima Peru

I am at home this Christmas and I decided not to travel this time to give myself some much needed rest. It just seemed to me that I spent all my vacations on the road for these past few years and packing a suitcase, going through airport security, waiting to board and sitting in airplanes was not what I wanted to do this holiday season.

Given that I'm at home I decided to make use of my free time and complete my blog about my last trip to Lima, Peru a little over a month ago.

I must admit, I wish I was still in Lima. My trip there was really quite short. After realizing how quickly it took to get there, I hope to return really soon.

Anyway, on the day of our departure for the US, Marc and I took the Lima Express Bus at 6 am from its first stop, Larcomar. We figured it was much better to get to the airport early and wait there than be stuck in the traffic. It was a wise move. The trip back to the Lima Airport took over an hour. Shorter than the 1 hour and 45 minutes it took to get to our hotel in Miraflores when we arrived but still a long time.

After checking in and clearing up the mess with our seat reservation with LATAM, we headed for the lounge affiliated with American Express. There we ate some breakfast and then toured the airport premises.

I thought I could get a refund for the taxes I paid on my purchases from QALA in Larcomar but apparently there is no such thing in Peru yet.

The airport was small but I liked it. It looked a bit utilitarian but what it lacked in space and modernity it surely made up for with its very nice duty free stores. Just lovely I say.

Lately, I've been checking out fares back to Peru but I haven't found any luck getting anywhere close to the US $500 I paid for my Peru adventure on LATAM. Hopefully soon I shall!

Bye Lima! I hope to return soon!

LATAM was the airline we flew to and from Lima. Its online website is a disaster but service on board was very satisfactory.

This was how it looked on board. The plane had a 2-3-2 layout. Marc and I luckily got seated on the side which allowed us to be by ourselves with no one next to us.

We went to a lounge affiliated with American Express and got some breakfast. There wasn't much variety. Finger foods mainly like sandwiches and hard boiled eggs. I can't complain though since the food did fill us up. Besides, it was free!

Here's my Marc!

I loved this ILARIA store. We first saw a branch in Larcomar. Mainly a jewelry shop, it too sold religious paintings framed in silver. Oh, what treasures they were. I plan to return to Lima and buy a lot of the paintings for my home. A bit pricey at $500 per small frame but I shall save some money.