Our Last Full day in Lima

14-Dec-2019 • Miraflores, Lima Peru

On our last full day in Lima, Marc and I decided to stay in Miraflores and not return to the Plaza de Armas. Riding the Metropolitano was quite nerve wrecking and we wanted a stress free last day. We made the right decision. We had fun.

First thing we did was purchase the oil paintings from the QALA souvenir and handicraft store in Larcomar. I know I paid quite a some for my two purchases but I was quite happy with them. In fact, I am wishing I had purchased more.

Once done, we returned to the hotel to pack our bags and then it was lunch time. We just had to try the food in Bembo's which we saw on a tv documentary about fast foods around the globe. I remember getting grilled chicken breast over rice and a soda for a drink. From there, we walked around the city of Miraflores once again exploring the city as much as we could. We walked and walked but we ended up by the cliffs where the Larcomar Mall was located.

The awesome cliffs of Miraflores

Back in Larcomar Shopping Center

Seaside condo towers as seen from Larcomar

This was the store, QALA, where I bought my souvenirs. What a store! Expensive but high quality indeed.

QALA store window

Here's Bembo's! We had lunch here on our last day for a song!

We had a sumptuous dinner here at Belisario's one night. Our bill totaled less than US $20. What a bargain!

This was a kiosk in Parque Kennedy.

The lighthouse

Taken right on the grounds of the lighthouse

This was a school for budding pilots. We passed by it during our city tour and school young Peruvian boys all dressed in suits standing in line in by the school gate.

Old architecture of an abandoned building

A local eatery

This was the souvenir store right next to our IBIS Larco Hotel.