The Cathedral of Lima at the Historic Plaza de Armas

7-Dec-2019 • Lima Peru

The highlight of our three hour Mirabus city tour of the Peruvian capital was no doubt our visit to the Cathedral of Lima. Just like the many Catholic churches I have seen in Spain, it was just as dramatic, awesome, and jaw dropping.

We stayed a good hour here. I really liked everything in it. What artistic interiors!

A partial view of the facade

The tomb of Francisco Pizarro inside the Cathedral of Lima

These were exact copies of the bones of Francisco Pizarro on display opposite his tomb

Of all the altars we saw inside the cathedral, this was the most impressive to me. My mouth literally opened wide as we were led to see it up close.

This was the main altar of the cathedral

The mini museum replete with religious paintings and realia from centuries gone by

Here's a view of the pews inside