Christmas Past

22-Nov-2019 • San Francisco United States

Not all my travels take place in the summer. I too travel in the winter time, specifically during the Christmas holidays when I am on my short but wonderful school break. I must say, Christmas is my most favorite time of year. I truly enjoy walking in the streets all filled with lights, looking at beautifully decorated houses, shopping in stores full of colorful merchandise both for sale and on sale, and of course meeting with family and friends. There just isn't anything like it throughout the year. I revisited some of my blog entries and compiled some of the pictures of places I've visited during Christmas. Here is what I found.

In Chicago, Illinois

In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

In Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Taken during my very first Christmas away from home. In Barcelona, Spain

My very first trip to Paris, in front of swank Maxim's

Taken during my very first visit to Singapore

In Manila, the place of my birth

In Taipei

In front of a Louis Vuitton store in Nagoya, Japan

At Munich's Hofbrauhaus, famous site of the German Beer Festival every October

In Las Vegas, Nevada

In Yangon, Myanmar

In front of the Paris Opera Building

In front of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam