Arches National Park in Utah

13-May-2018 • Utah United States

It's hard to believe it's now been a month since we went to Utah for my spring vacation. Boy, was it a memorable trip. For a long time, I never really considered myself a fan of parks. I'm a city person you see. However, Utah, changed all that as I have been saying over and over since. I was truly mesmerized by national parks and I look forward to visiting the many others in the United States in the near future.

It just never dawned on me that these places could be so spectacular. So beautiful. While I am still very much a fan of international travel, I have now thought of the next parks I would like to see. There's Wyoming, New Mexico, and South Dakota to discover.

Anyway, on the day we visited Arches National Park, we stopped and stopped again to take in all the beauty of the rock formations that were there. It was funny really that just after I had gotten back in the car, we had to stop a few minutes later to take pictures at other vista points once again.