Monument Valley

30-May-2018 • Utah United States

Monument Valley was simply out of this world! I couldn't believe how beautiful the state of Utah was. It was the fourth day of our vacation and there was something new to see each day. Every day was packed with sights to see, visit, and explore. So much so we really didn't get to see them all. We had to pick and choose to take full advantage of our stay.

I swear, we had to stop the car every five minutes or so since the scenery was just breathtaking every where we looked.

This was without any doubt Monument Valley's most famous attraction. Located right on the border of Utah and Arizona, the park where this was located was jampacked with visitors. Nevertheless, the place was so huge, it never felt too crowded. Besides, by the time we got there, many tourist buses were just leaving and so we actually had the place to ourselves. The parking lot though was a different story!

Arches like in this picture were scattered throughout the several national parks in Utah. In fact there was a number of them in Arches National Park alone.

The rock formations were indeed impressive and they often made me think who could have made them look the way they did. Aliens perhaps, LOL?