6-Jul-2015 • Castletown Isle of Man

Marc and I visited two other cities in the Isle of Man while we were there. We took the vintage steam engine train on our second day and first went to Castletown and then to the Port of Erin next.

It was just gray when we boarded the train but it began to drizzle when we got to Castletown's city center. Just like the day prior, people were nowhere in sight. It was an employee at the Castletown train station who told us that it was a bank holiday which explained the absence of people everywhere.

I suppose the people did not want to get wet either which is why practically all of the locals decided to stay home that morning. Of all the sights here, the castle was the best and nicest one. It couldn't be missed.

A partial view of the Castletown Train Station

I call this the "Three Legs" which must be the symbol of the Isle of Man. They were everywhere. On flags, key chains, postcards, tourists guides, you name it.

This was the steam train we took from Douglas to Castletown and on to the Port of Erin. There were a number of passengers but we had the cabin all to ourselves in both directions.

The Castle in Castletown, Isle of Man

Taken inside the Castle in Castletown. I couldn't believe the weather. Just a week earlier, we were told that it was so hot there with temperatures near 40 degrees Celsius. When this picture was taken, I had my thermal top and bottom, a shirt, a sweater, and a jacket on.

I heard one gentleman complain. "We are in July, the middle of summer yet the temperature feels like we are in the middle of November!" he added in disbelief.

A view of the castle by the river

The oldest one room school in Castletown

Marc and I went inside this old one room school from centuries ago. It is now a museum. Upon entry, however, I began to sneeze badly. I knew my allergies were acting up and I had to step out just as soon as I stepped in. It was a shame. I wanted to explore it. Marc stayed behind and it was he who took most of the pictures from this site.

The lighthouse behind the centuries old school

Back in the Castletown Train Station waiting for our ride for our next destination, Port Erin

The train we were catching to go to Port Erin has arrived.