Two More Weeks

23-May-2024 • San Francisco, California United States

I cannot wait for the school year to end. What a year it's been! Not that it has been wonderful, on the contrary, it's been the complete opposite. Every so often teachers get a challenging group of kids with behavior issues and this year I had the bad luck of having one. My class this year was so bad, a few substitute teachers who came to my class when I had to take leave this school year refused to return. It was that stressful. To think, each of the two came to teach in my class for just a day. I had to deal with the class for ten months. That was the reason why every single day, I looked forward to the day's end. I was literally left with no energy by the time I reached home. I was totally exhausted and exasperated.

Every Friday afternoon was sweet and every Sunday night so depressing. There were times when I actually dreamed of retiring. A couple of days ago, I spoke to the teachers whom my current students had for both first and second grade. They too had a similar experience if not worse.

With two weeks left in the school year, I look forward to summer break and hope that I get a better set of kids this fall. Often people tell me how lucky I am to have so much time off from school. This year, I plan to savor every minute of my summer break. I certainly worked hard for it.