My First Day of Summer Vacation

9-Jun-2024 • San Francisco, California United States

Today Saturday, my first day of summer vacation, was spent just like any normal Saturday. Staying at home, watching You Tube videos, eating and sleeping. Honestly, it was perfect! For the first time in ten months, it didn't feel like the clock was ticking away so fast. I have eight weeks after all to rest. As one high school friend puts it, teachers arent't really on vacation, they are in recovery. I tend to agree. Now is my time, together with all other educators, to recharge.

Given my reputation as a traveler, I am always asked where I'll be going this time. Actually, this summer will be a mixture of traveling and staying home to organize and declutter. I am determined to enjoy this time off. I had a challenging year in school in the last ten months. Every Monday, all I looked forward to was Friday afternoon. This was the total and complete opposite of how I felt teaching my two previous classes right after I reported back to the classroom when the pandemic was over.

A few people likewise asked me when I will be retiring since I have after all taught for a very long time. Actually, it's hard to tell. There were days this school year when I thought of leaving but there were days too when I felt it was better to keep on working until I no longer cannot.

All I can say is I am determined to make this summer enjoyable and unforgettable. I hope and pray it will be.