Visit San Francisco! It's Okay!!!

8-Jul-2023 • San Francisco, California United States

It's okay to visit San Francisco today! 

For several weeks now, I have wanted to say something about the bad publicity my home city has been getting in the press nationwide.  Don't believe everything you see on the news or You Tube videos.  You need to filter the false and exaggerated reporting.


I am sick and tired of all the reports and videos showing the homeless and the drug addicts in the city.  I don't deny we have them but what many of these exaggerated reports fail to tell you is that they are mainly concentrated in the grittiest section of the city named Tenderloin.   I have been a San Francisco resident nearly all my life. Yet, I never go to the Tenderloin.  What for?  Every time I go for a walk, I stroll in the loveliest parts of town.  When you come to San Francisco, so will you.  For a great majority of the tourists who come here, they have a wonderful time.  You will too when you decide to visit.

There have been videos uploaded claiming all stores in the city have closed.  I was saddened by the recent departure of Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack but there are still many others open.  Ross along Market Street is in fact looking for a much larger space.  Their business is booming.  To claim that all stores have closed is simply ridiculous.  They are lies!

It is so obvious some vlogs do false reporting to get views.  When you come here, you will see that Union Square, the area which many people refer to as dead is actually alive and still doing business.  The chicest of boutiques are still open.  There's Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Versace, and many, many more surviving and doing just fine.  What many newscasts don't show is the booming commerce in San Francisco's other shopping areas like the Fillmore, Hayes, Union, and Chestnut Streets. 

It sickens me when clips of the looting of the Louis Vuitton store is shown over and over.  That was news from two years ago!!! Today, I feel very safe walking around Union Square where the police constantly patrol the streets and their presence can really be seen and felt. 

I do warn everyone planning to visit and rent a car to get around to be very careful.  Hiding all belongings in the trunk is an absolute must! Don't leave anything inside the car.  NOTHING!!! Many of those victimized by break ins left stuff in plain view.  

I have also watched videos showing Fisherman's Wharf totally deserted.  That video made me so upset! This was false reporting at its best!   What the vlogger didn't tell you is he shot the video either during the pandemic or very early in the morning when the commercial establishments in the area had not opened yet for the day. 

It is sad what the news have done to San Francisco.  Many Americans have gotten so scared of coming.  Instead, we have loads of European tourists coming and enjoying what my city has to offer.  They probably were not exposed to the slew of negative news about the city.  Good for them.  

Somebody I know even calls San Francisco a "No Go Zone".  What rubbish! 

Take it from someone who lives right in the heart of downtown, it's okay to come here folks!  Just like the millions who have visited my city, you too may end up with wonderful memories of San Francisco.