Summer Break 2023 is Almost Over

9-Aug-2023 • San Francisco, California United States

I say the same thing year after year around this time.  I cannot believe my summer break is almost over and how quickly it went.  I've been on vacation nearly nine weeks now but it sure feels a lot less.  My partner and I didn't travel.  We were supposed to but we had to change our plans at the last minute for personal reasons.  It was San Francisco for us the entire time. 

First, the farthest we went to was Reno, Nevada for three days.  We have been to Reno many times.  I for one have been there a million times mostly with family for years decades ago.

This summer, we actually got to visit some new attractions like the Sparks Heritage Museum, the Idlewild Park with the Totem Pole, and the popular Junkee Thrift Store along Midtown.  We stayed in Silver Legacy Resort and Casino.  I have to say, despite its age, the hotel has been renovated, modernized, and maintained very well.  Overall, we had fun in Reno.

Second, I ate, slept, and decluttered our home the rest of the time.  Towards the the second half of my break, we decided to subscribe to NETFLIX and I watched a lot of Spanish soaps.  Honestly, I watched because I enjoyed listening to the dialogues in Spanish.  For a learner of the Spanish language like myself, it was a good learning experience hearing native speakers from Spain speak.  I learn new words and expressions much to my delight.  Although I have a master's degree in Spanish Language ad Culture, I can never learn enough. 

Last Monday, I went back to school to get my classroom ready for the coming school year. The children's first day is Thursday next week. 

I would be lying if I said I didn't look forward to retirement.  I'm still several years away but when free time like our long summer vacation comes to an end, I dream of the day when I shall no longer have to go to work.  It must be lovely to have no schedule at all but rest and enjoy all the free time in the world.