Summer Break Begins

12-Jun-2023 • San Francisco, California United States

Today is the first day of my two month summer break.  I should be happy but I can't feel but frustrated more than anything else.  Why?  My partner and I had to cancel our month long trip to Europe.  That's why.

To think, we were booked to leave for Amsterdam this coming Monday, June 19.  For personal reasons, we felt it best that we stay in the US instead for the time being.  For a whole year, we planned for this vacation.  For a whole year we brainstormed, discussed, and decided where we were finally going to.  I tell you, I am very, very disappointed.  But, sometimes, life throws one a curve ball and plans fall through.  I just hope that we are able to travel once again soon.

Anyway, now that we are home for the two months, we thought we might just go to Santa Fe, New Mexico and Austin, Texas.  We shall see. 

On the bright side, I think these two months will give me ample time to do some summer cleaning in my home too.  More organizing really.  I also plan to workout daily, read, sleep, and relax.  It has been a long year after all.