Jaffa and the Tel Aviv Promenade, Part 1

7-Apr-2023 • Jaffa and Tel Aviv Israel

On our third full day in Tel Aviv, the rain had stopped.  At last, the sun came out and it was warm.  We made our way to the Tel Aviv Promenade and we walked all the way up to nearby Jaffa, the southernmost part of the city. 

I personally liked Jaffa.  This ancient port was already bustling with activity when we arrived.  There were tourists everywhere.  I loved the markets here for souvenirs and antiques.  Our big suitcase was already full after a week stay in Jerusalem replete with sightseeing and some shopping.  I wasn't sure it could accommodate anything else I wanted to buy here.  I ended up not purchasing any at all although now I wish I purchased the Persian oil paintings I saw in one of the markets.  After some mental math on my part, I realized the two didn't cost more than $350.  I should have.  Anyway, as someone near and dear to me always says, "You snooze, you lose."

Just like in Jerusalem, shopping venues here were a feast for the eyes.  Many of the places did charge an arm and a leg for their merchandise and bargaining was a must. 

We spent most of our third day in Jaffa walking up and down its narrow streets eager to see all there was to see.

Like I always say, it's so nice to finally see a place I've only seen in books and magazines.  I suppose my smile in this picture says it all.  It was a joy and a blessing to be in Jaffa!

The view of Jaffa I often see in travel magazines.  I also had seen You Tube videos about Jaffa and I knew it was walking distance from the Tel Aviv Promenade.  

Jaffa had its share of street art.  This was one out of the many I found .

Coastal cannons brought over by the Ottoman government in the 1800s to protect Jaffa from the Bedouins both by land and by sea.

I loved this mural on the wall right outside a restaurant.  

Info about the coastal cannons

Another coastal cannon on display in one of the town squares

Walk this way please to visit the town

The Statue of Faith, one of the first attractions we saw in Jaffa

Info about the Statue of Faith.  Every time I travel and take a picture of a monument or statue, I try to take a picture of the accompanying info, if any, so as to remember the name and description.

Information about the Wishing Bridge,  How this bridge reminded me of the bridge we crossed in Barranco outside Lima in Peru.

Oops, what can this guy be doing?

The spot for the picture perfect view of Tel Aviv

Info about the Jaffa Museum of Antiquities

Tourists, tourists everywhere in Jaffa

The Jaffa Museum of Antiquities