Jaffa and the Tel Aviv Promenade, Part 2

9-Apr-2023 • Jaffa and Tel Aviv Israel

The Jaffa Clock Tower.  We had to return to the tower many, many times to take a picture of it without any people around it.  It was tough! There were really just so many visitors around.

Jaffa is one of Tel Aviv's main attractions and any visitor does need ample time to sightsee here.  It is a mini city within a city.  It has museums, churches, mosques, markets, restaurants, you name it.  I enjoyed the window shopping here most of all.  I also appreciated the presence of the city's public toilets .  There were lots of them and they were free and clean.  A definite big plus for some of us with overactive bladders.

We had lunch in a local restaurant and we ate some pita sandwiches with shredded chicken in them.  They were delicious.  If I remember right, the food plus two coca cola bottles cost between $20-$30 for us both.

Once done, we explored a bit more and then walked our way back to the Tel Aviv Promenade passing by the Etzel House and the HaTachana, the historic train station

One of the entrances to the old city of Jaffa from the port.

A view of the Israel flag at Jaffa Port

An antique store, one of many in Jaffa

I really wanted to buy a rug or a carpet here.  But when I inquired about the price of one, I was quoted an astronomical amount.  I left. 

Some truly looked like junk shops.

Though the city is Jewish, there is a big Arab population in Jaffa. 

I love this view of the Tel Aviv beachfront.

Lots of art everywhere

Here's another mural

A fruit and fruit juice stand

Art for sale in a gallery

We planned on going inside St. Peter's Church but a priest by the church gate was telling would be visitors that the church was closed for the day. Such was our luck.  We read that the church's interior was very beautiful and very European in style.

This bakery did so much business while we were there.  

HaTachana, the Historic Train Station

The Hanging Orange tree in Jaffa. 

Sign for the HaTachana

The HaTachana or Historic Train Station along the Tel Aviv Promenade

Sign for the Etzel House

The fortified US Embassy along the Tel Aviv Promenade