Tel Aviv

26-Mar-2023 • Tel Aviv Israel

Tel Aviv looked and felt different from Jerusalem.  While Jerusalem felt very conservative, Tel Aviv looked very liberal. 

We left Jerusalem at noon and we took the train.  From the Tel Aviv station, we took the bus to get to our Abraham Hostel.  We arrived at our hostel just in time.  We actually arrived a few minutes before 2 pm.  The staff manning the front desk were all out to lunch but there was a a middle aged man who gave us two bottles of Coca Cola on the house while we waited.  He did apologize for the delay in checking us in.   It didn't take long before we got our keys to our room.  While our room in Jerusalem was so small, this time around, our room was huge, very huge.  Needless to say, we were very pleased.

While we lucked out it was dry each and every day during our stay in Jerusalem, the rain caught up with us in Tel Aviv.  It's been ages since I heard thunder and were they loud.  We worried when the rain didn't stop for two full days.

The pictures posted here were taken during our first two days in between brief dry spells.  It did rain like crazy.

Yipee! We're in Tel Aviv!

This was one of the many upscale restaurants lining Rothschild Blvd.

I do love Tel Aviv! In fact, I love Israel!

The famous Tel Aviv beach and promenade

A block away from where we stayed, Rothschild is an elegant blvd lined with upscale restaurants, shops, and homes.

One end of Rothschild Blvd opposite one museum

Inside Fashion Mall. We decided to visit this mall to escape the rain.  We stayed here until the rain outside stopped.  

Nice Architecture in the city of Tel Aviv

The Habima Theater, the National Theater of Israel.  We visited this area twice.  

The Charles Bronfman Auditorium right next to the Habima Theater or National Theater of Israel at the end of Rothschild Avenue.

A view of the Habima Theater or the National Theater of Israel

The main facade and entrance to the upscale Fashion Mall