Busy at School

9-Oct-2022 • San Francisco, California United States

Hello dear friends, it's me once again.  I know it's been a while but just like always, school has kept me busy and away from blogging.  It just seems 24 hours in a day are really not enough for me to do all that I want to accomplish on a regular basis.  Then again, on second thought, even if the day did have more hours, I don't think I'd really be able to function as well since by the time I get home from work, I am completely exhausted and hardly able to do anything else but eat dinner and rest. 

At any rate, I'm glad that September is over.  I have always disliked September.  As a school teacher, its arrival meant the end of summer break and my return to the world of work. As is always the case, the first month of the school year has always been the slowest and most stressful for me and any teacher.  It's a very busy month with lots of changes constantly going on.  Students come and go and some move out of the district just days after school begins.  Then there's the testing to be done to find out where the children's skills are, Back to School Night which meant staying in school til til early evening, as well as the reconfiguration just in case some classes are underpopulated while others are not.  It's the balancing act usually held at the middle of the month and it's the most unpleasant experience for any teacher affected.

I look forward to Thanksgiving break in November and to Christmas vacation in December.  I wanted to travel somewhere next month but with airfares sky high due to revenge travel, I'm stuck in San Francisco.  I hope that from here on out, I get to blog more often and upload pictures from my past visits from somewhere around the globe.  Til then, take care my friends and see you all soon.