Dusseldorf and Cologne

11-Aug-2022 • Dusseldorf and Cologne Germany

Marc and I spent part of our winter vacation last 2018/2019 in Germany.  That time, we made our way to Dusseldorf and Cologne.  While we were pleased to have visited, we likewise left wishing we had seen a lot more.  It was the beginning of January 2019 and winter had just begun.  Christmas had just ended and the atmosphere was very bleak.  Both cities seemed very deserted and gray.

Back then, I specifically wanted to return to Dusseldorf since it was very close to the Netherlands where we were principally staying.  I wanted to see the sights I had previously seen during my very first trip to the city over the summer of 1990.  Yep, it was that long ago.  Anyway, I did get to see the Rathaus or City Hall, the Dusseldorf Hauptbanhof or Train Station, the fashionable Konigsallee, the shopping areas, as well as the promenade by the river.  In Cologne, I got to see the famous cathedral.  But, that was pretty much it. 

This summer, we decided to return to get to know the cities a lot better. 

Konigsallee, the premier shopping street in Dusseldorf

The European version of our TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls in the US.   They have some wonderful name brands here.  I went shoe crazy this summer and I bought a few pairs from this chain every where we went in Germany. They seem to have a branch in every German city.  They even have one in Offenburg, the tiny town on the German/French border where we had a layover prior to arriving in Strasbourg a couple of weeks earlier.

The KFC in Dusseldorf where we had dinner on our first night in the city.

Marc at the Rathaus.  We were here right before the pandemic began.  

The promenade by the river

My turn to have my picture taken

This was Saturn Mall, a posh and upscale mall along the Konigsallee.

Moxy is a hotel chain we saw in Germany.  We might try it out next time.  Their rooms seem very clean, new, and modern. 

It was nearly dusk when we  stumbled upon this very imposing brick building in Dusseldorf. 

The city of Dusseldorf also has its share of beautiful architecture.

There were tourists galore inside the cathedral on the day of our visit.  We had all the time we needed since there were no masses being celebrated.

Beautiful artwork inside the Cathedral

The nave of the huge Cologne Cathedral

Here's one religious treasure

Marc by one side of the Cologne cathedral

The bridge that was fully loaded with love locks

We bought chocolates here at this museum but we didn't take the tour.  We simply shopped and ate while we took a break from all the walking under the hot sun which whipped through Europe most of June and early July.

We saw lots of cruise boats like this one along the cities where the Rhine was.

Old town in Cologne

Colorful old houses in Old Town Cologne

A bar in old town Cologne

I don't think Marc and I will ever get to visit the Roman Museum right across the Cologne Cathedral.  On both our visits, it was closed for renovation. How about that?

The religious statues by one of the entrances to the Cologne Cathedral.

The facade of the world famous cathedral of the city of Cologne