Mission Dolores

13-Mar-2022 • San Francisco, California United States

This is a very late post, but a few months ago, my partner and I visited one historical church in San Francisco named Mission Dolores.  We always saw it every time we walked around in the Castro area of the city but we had always taken it for granted.  If my memory serves me right, we didn't want to pay the admission when we first inquired about visiting it years ago.  We were being cheap, LOL.  Then came our dentist appointments one Saturday afternoon and we arrived early. To kill time, we decided to bite the bullet and enter.  

The church itself and its garden were all there was to see but they were beautiful just the same. In fact, I wouldn't mind going back sometime and visit at a more leisurely pace.  There were a few foreign tourists when we went.  The US government had just lifted the border restrictions at that time due to COVID and more and more visitors to the city were coming from abroad. 

One positive thing that came out from the pandemic is that I got to see more of my city and home state of California.  Isn't it true that we aren't as appreciative of the sights right in our own backyard?     

I love these religious paintings from the colonial period.  I actually bought some pieces when I was in Peru and I can't wait to get hold of some more.  

This was the small but absolutely beautiful church of Mission Dolores.  I think it now functions mainly as a museum.  There was another church adjacent to this one and a wedding was being celebrated there at the time of our visit.   

This was towards the rear of the church.  The entire church both in and out was unmistakenly Spanish.

One small altar in q quiet corner of the church

This was the backside of the church where the garden was located.  It was actually also a cemetery.  There were several graves of prominent people from San Francisco and the state of California back when my home state was part of Mexico.

A mural made of tiles