My Crime Ridden City of San Francisco

22-Jul-2021 • San Francisco, California United States

I have always been proud of my city of San Francisco.  Lately though, I haven't felt the same way.   It has become so crime ridden, living here has become, at least for me, dangerous. 

Since the pandemic began, people here have changed, sadly for the worse.  One need not go far to find out what is happening.  One only needs to watch the news.  We've been hearing the same thing every day lately.  Countless car break ins, the brazen shoplifting and the ongoing Asian Hate crimes have been topping the news about San Francisco for several months now

Just yesterday afternoon, I went to a Target store and saw shelves upon shelves that were empty.  I approached a sales associate and asked why they were so.  Much to my surprise, the merchandise weren't sold out, they were shoplifted.  No wonder the store chain has shortened its schedule deciding to close at 6 pm everyday. 

Then last week, we saw on the news, a group of men run out of the upscale department store, Neiman Marcus, with their stolen branded handbags, and driven away by three getaway cars.  A neighbor of mine who works for the store was on duty on the floor the time the crime happened.    When I saw her two days ago, she narrated what had happened and added that she was so shaken by what she had seen, her boss advised her to take three days off from work.

Then early Tuesday morning I saw another news clip that showed a couple, one Asian and one white, being taunted and pursued by an angry man shouting racial slurs.  What bothered me was that attacker was another minority.

I've said it once before, but this is one time I wish I didn't live here.