One More Month

22-Jul-2021 • San Francisco, California United States

It seems that in a month, I will have return to school.  Despite reports of the Delta variant spreading, it seems that we really have to.  Well, at least, we teachers do.  How do I feel about it?  I am very apprehensive, especially with breakthough cases among vaccinated individuals.

On the other hand, in my school district, our students still have the choice of continuing with online instruction should they not be ready to attend in person instruction. This time, however, an outside company, contracted by the school, composed of other teachers and educators will provide the work for them weekly.   There will be no daily ZOOM classes, just work for the students to answer and complete which will be closely monitored.

Just this afternoon, I got an email from my school outlining the protocol we have to follow the moment we enter school campus to the time we leave.  Per the memo, we are not to mingle in staff rooms and staff meetings are to be held via ZOOM.  There was also info for us to follow should we get in close contact with a person infected by COVID. 

I am fearful of returning to be honest.  I just hope all will be okay.