Victorian Homes Galore

6-Jun-2021 • Eureka, California United States

Prior to last Memorial Day Weekend, I must have heard of Eureka many times.  But, our trip there last week was our real first visit.  We didn't just drive through town, we stayed and explored.  I was dumbfounded by the number of beautiful old Victorian houses and buildings I saw in the historic town of Eureka.  To be honest, I'm no stranger to Victorian homes.  We have thousands of them in San Francisco.  However, I never really tire of seeing them especially since each one has its own design and character.  This part of town was hands down very picturesque. 

It was a Saturday afternoon when we arrived and many stores were beginning to close for the day.  I must say, it was eerily quiet and deserted.  However, the bayfront was lively.  Restaurants were packed and we saw locals in the streets. 

We were so heartbroken at first when we saw our hotel's location but we sure were glad we stayed. 

Here's what we saw during our walk in the town's streets.

This building, if I am not mistaken, was the museum.  It was modern in design but its exhibit was what attracted me to it.  

This store had a sign that made me laugh:  Se habla inglés.

A private residence across the Carson Mansion

The fabulous Carson Mansion

This was a local Bed and Breakfast.

The Eureka Inn

One mural, among many in the historic downtown

I loved this mural next to a basketball court.

This church was just a few blocks away from the Eureka Inn.