Eureka Inn

2-Jun-2021 • Eureka, California United States

I will never forget the time I first laid my eyes on the Eureka Inn in the town of Eureka last weekend.  Though freshly painted green and white, its old structure did not appeal to me.  Add the homeless I saw walking around the area which seemed so deserted, I didn't have a good first impression.  In fact, I wanted to leave and go someplace else for the night straight away.

It was only after we went for a drive and explore Eureka after check in that we changed our minds.  As it turned out, the hotel was very centrally located in the old and historic part of town.  Anyone who may be interested needs to know that the Eureka Inn is indeed old, very, very old.  The third floor, where we stayed, was dark and creaked.  The walls were a bit thin since we could hear people showering and using the toilet.  The furniture was dated.  On the other hand, our room was clean and so were all the common areas of the hotel.  It also had a small pool in its courtyard.  Sadly its lounges and restaurants were all closed due to COVID.  What I liked the most about the hotel was its history.  Can you believe that US Presidents, Hollywood celebrities, and even the former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill stayed here back at the hotel's peak around the 1940s.

Further exploration of the area where the hotel was located showed us that the location was not bad at all.  It was surrounded by a a few stores, a restaurant, a movie house, a cathedral, as well as the center for the performing arts. 

Overall, we had a pleasant stay. 

No doubt, the Eureka Inn is the grand dame of all hotels in the town of Eureka.  We got our room on points but had we paid the going rate, it would have cost us $210 plus tax for the night.  What a surprise!

This was a partial view of the lobby.  All throughout the hotel were pictures of the prominent people who had stayed there before mostly before the 1960s.  US Presidents and other world leaders like Winston Churchill stayed there too, you know?

The lobby opposite the check in counter.  I loved how it looked!!!

Like I previously  mentioned, many politicians stayed in the Eureka Inn when they were in town.  Robert Kennedy was one of them. 

Then there was actor Boris Karloff

Sportsman Ty Cobb

Actress Katherine MacDonald

Walt Disney

UK Prime Minister, Winston Churchill

An old letter box at the lobby

The renovated bathroom in Room 325

Another partial view of the lobby

This was the bed in our first assigned room, 325.  Later in the day, we had to move when we found out there was an issue in our bathroom.  The shower handle was stuck and no water would come out.  We firmly asked for another room and was assigned another one an hour later. 

Hotel memorabilia

The restaurant that was closed due to COVID

Room amenities

This comfy leather seat seemed to be in every room.  We saw it in our first assigned room, in room 325, and then in our second room, room 141.

The wooden flooring in our second assigned room, room 141. Room 325 was carpeted.

Big closet space in our second room, room 141