Not Ready

29-Apr-2021 • San Francisco, California United States

Can you believe that  it will be May day after tomorrow?  That means that the current school year will be over for my students and I in a month and a half.  Yep, just six weeks! How fast the months went by!!! I can still remember getting in touch with all the parents of my students informing them about ZOOM and how our classes were going to be online beginning August last year.

While I found the beginning of the school year absolutely twice more difficult last fall, I have gotten used to the routine and have managed to deal with the challenges of teaching the way we do now.  While I realize that it is not the best way to teach children, I think I will have a hard time returning to work this August when in person instruction resumes.  You see, since the pandemic began, I have been working from the comfort of my home.  I start work at 8 in the morning, teach by 9, check my students' homework til 3 and then attend meetings mid week for an hour and a half each week.  While the schedule makes me dizzy at times, the couch has always been just a few steps from my work table.

Likewise, I don't miss the hour and a half long commute to and from work.  I am also fearful of the Asian Hate Crimes in my home city.  I feel I expose myself more to danger since I don't drive and take the subway to work.  I'm just glad the cases have  diminished since early April.  I hope and pray all the brutal assaults will be no more come fall.  I'm also wishing the days would go slower.  I have learned to adapt to teaching online and I would be lying if I say I don't enjoy working from home because I do.  I really, really do.