Mexico City?

29-Apr-2021 • San Francisco, California United States

I honestly can't help dreaming of boarding a plane, checking in a hotel and then exploring a new city.  It has been over a year after all.  Plus, with all the talk about some countries opening up to tourism this summer for fully vaccinated Americans, my partner and I thought maybe just maybe this summer is it. 

Just last week, we thought that perhaps, Mexico would be the perfect destination for us in July.  It is after all just a four hour hour plane ride from San Francisco and a whole week stay in a very good hotel doesn't cost very much.  I got so excited I even bought a guide book.

I have been to Mexico a number of times but most of the trips were to Quintana Roo replete with beautiful beaches and Mayan ruins.  This time around, we thought of going to the country's capital, Mexico City.  It will be our first to the place.  I have gotten so hooked to the idea, I have been watching You Tube videos about the city like crazy.  My oh my, what a beautiful place it is!

Then comes the news today that COVID cases are rising in Mexico.  Our hearts just sank.