9-Mar-2021 • San Francisco, California United States

What a relief it was when I got vaccinated last March 1st.  My school had arranged for my appointment.  I must say, I was getting very anxious knowing everyone in my school had already gotten theirs except me.  I had been logging on to the website, Myturn.gov.ca, round the clock only to be told I was eligible yet couldn't get vaccinated due to unavailability of appointments.  Talk about being frantic!

Anyway, I am scheduled to get the second and last dose in late March.  I was happy to have gotten the Pfizer vaccine as it was what I was really hoping for, that or Moderna.  Just in case you're wondering about side effects, NOPE, I didn't have any.  It has been reported that it is after the second dose that one really begins to feel a bit unwell with fever, chills, aches, and headaches.  It was also reported that the side effects last one to two days.  

Anyway, I have a 74 year old female neighbor, someone who had a heart surgery a couple of years ago, who received the complete MODERNA vaccine and felt well all the time.   No side effects whatsoever.  I guess everything depends on the person.  Some might get side effects while others get none at all.  I hope I don't suffer any.  

We shall see!