Dreaming of India

15-Feb-2021 • San Francisco, California, United States

I have been dreaming of India a lot lately.  It is funny because I never really had the desire to go until recently.  I never really took any interest after hearing so many people complain of the state of the country in terms of cleanliness, the pollution, the scams, and more.  I have even been told of people who had to be airlifted after falling ill there. 

Yet, I also know a number of people who have gone and wish to return.  The culture does dazzle me.  Those temples, the women wearing the oh so colorful sarees, the inexpensive shopping, I want to see them all.  One thing for sure, I will go to India on an organized tour.  On my very first trip to this country, I'll try to get a feel of the place before I travel there independently.  I also wish to end my stay there at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai.  It is quite costly to stay in but it is so posh and elegant.  My kind of hotel!

My desire to pack my bags and explore the world is greater than ever.   After being on lockdown for nearly a year, you can just imagine the wanderlust I feel.  On the other hand, I wouldn't be so careless as to travel during these difficult times.  Besides, I wouldn't want to go on quarantine when I arrive at my destination.  I am just praying we can get back to normal or as close to normal sometime soon.