Instagram Burnout

4-Feb-2021 • San Francisco, California, United States

It was in May 2016 when I began Instagramming.  However, after nearly five years of doing it, I think I have reached my saturation point.  It is time for me to take a break from the posting, the liking, and the following.  I have tried to quit many times before only to post another picture after just a few weeks.  This time though, I think my respite from IG will be longer.

There really are many things I can do with my life besides IG.  I must say, liking posts of followers  is time consuming and I now question its value.  Though I am embarrassed to admit it, I too fell into the numbers game.  I too had the strong desire to increase my follower count thus the never ending search for possible followers.  I did so much liking and following that I began to have headaches for months in previous years.  There was even a time when I said that I would quit as soon as I hit a certain number.  It's what I said when I reached 7,000 followers.  Then I changed my mind and said to myself I'd stop at 8,000.  I'm now at 13,000 but I still want more.  Recently though, I told myself that I have got to stop the addiction.  I really, honestly do. 

That said, I am thankful for all the friends I've made through IG.  I met a few during my vacations in different parts of the world.  Some I even met twice.  I am not completely going away folks.  I'm just talking a much needed rest.   Take care of yourselves and goodbye for now.  .