Where's the Covid vaccine?

12-Jan-2021 • San Francisco, California, United States

For weeks now I have been wondering when and where I could get the COVID vaccine.  As a school teacher, I am told that I am next in line after the elderly and the medical frontliners.  Yet, there has been no news as to when I could get my first shot.  I am here, ready and willing to get it. 

A few weeks ago, the governor of California, announced the reopening of schools in mid February.  I assumed he said that because the vaccine would be given to all educators before they reported for work.  But we are now nearly in mid January and I have yet to hear teachers getting vaccinated.  And if the vaccine requires two doses, the first should be given in the next few days for the second one to be administered shortly thereafter.  It is said that the doses need to be given three to four weeks apart.  That's the only way the reopening date of February 15 could stick.