Covid in My School!

26-Sep-2020 • San Francisco, California, United States

My school has not reopened to students since the pandemic began last March.  Since August though, the campus has been open to staff who wanted to teach and do distance learning right from their classrooms.  Free lunches have likewise been given to families in need since students stopped attending in room classes on a daily basis.  

Last Monday, however, I received an email from my principal informing us that the school would be closed to everyone until further notice.  Apparently, one member of staff, who goes to school and works in the campus, tested positive for COVID 19. 

You can just imagine my surprise when this piece of news broke out.  I have been teaching from home since the school year opened last August 24 mainly because I am wary to do the commute on BART, our intercity train, get exposed to other passengers and even my own students in the classroom once I get to school.  

All the other teachers I know who have been going to their classrooms to do distance instruction in school have had to think twice and have opted to teach from home too since last week. 

This occurrence has made me think how risky the situation we are all in still is.  I think we should all be very careful about pushing kids back to school.