Distance Learning

14-Sep-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

It's been over three weeks since I began distance learning.  I was very glad to not have been forced to go back to school due to the Corona virus pandemic.  While some parents would disagree and say that teachers ought to be in school teaching children right now, I beg to differ.  Children have been found to be shedders of the virus too and they just like adults can transmit and make other people sick.  Some parents are angry because their schedules have been greatly affected and many have to look for ways to have their children taken cared for.  In all honestly, teachers are not babysitters. I too fear getting infected and suffer from the disease.  I too am a human being just like everyone else with a family.

Anyway, since the school year began nearly a month ago, I have never worked harder in my career as a school teacher.  When classes were held in school and not online, the students and I had all the resources we needed right in the classroom.  We had everything at our disposal.  My students opened their workbooks to answer problems, got books from the shelves for reading, took their journals out for writing, or checked out their Chromebooks for computer work.  Now, I have to look for alternatives online for the same tasks.  Thank goodness for IXL, Lexia, Epic, and the like.  Moreover, I have had to study and learn ZOOM really fast since it's the way classes are held now.  I too have had to learn Google Classroom since I assign most of the work through this computer program.  I'm glad the my students have gotten the hang of it.  They have learned the drill. 

I do look forward to returning to school soon.  Nothing really compares to in class learning.  I've said it before and I say it again:   The vaccine can't get here fast enough.  Last Friday, I heard it mentioned on the news that normal as we know it might not happen til late 2021.  My heart just sank.