The Apocalypse in San Francisco

12-Sep-2020 • San Francisco United States

This was the wall paper that covered the scaffolding of a store under construction inside the Westfield Mall many years ago.  Isn't the city beautiful?

In case you haven't heard, Northern California has suffered its worst fires in its entire history very recently.  The smoke from the fires covered the sky making it difficult for the sun's rays to shine over many cities and towns last Wednesday.  You can just imagine my shock when I woke up late that morning, 9 am to be exact and it was still dark outside.  It was surreal.  Then it got even darker by noon.  As one TV news anchor put it, it was like being in Iceland in winter.  

Some called the occurence apocalyptic but i suppose this is all about climate change.   We here in California have been experiencing the hottest temperatures and the worst drought in a long time.  Then just as we were all sweating it out here, it snowed in Denver, in the summer!!!

I hope something gets done to reverse climate change real soon.  It is indeed scary and it will affect us all so negatively.