23-May-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

It's been four full years since I began doing Instagram.   I believe it was last May 2016 over the Memorial Day weekend when I started uploading pictures.  What a feeling it was to see pictures of my travels up on a gallery for me to see whenever I wanted to and anywhere I may have been.  That was then, now, my feeling is, "Who cares?"

Truth of the matter is, while I still enjoy posting pictures of my adventures around the world, doing IG has been a chore.  A big, big chore that has been time consuming and literally a time waster.  Though it is embarrassing to admit, I too fell into the trap of the numbers game.  I wanted my number of followers to go up, up, up.  For what?  

In the process, I have had to follow and like other IG accounts for hours every single day.  I did this so much, I developed headaches for months over two years.  The headaches came and went and I realized they resurfaced when I vociferously liked posts to no end and they only disappeared when I stopped.  I had to go to the doctor and my ever so loving and caring Dr. Choy couldn't find anything wrong except my constant looking at my tiny phone.  

I am very close to deleting my account, well, for an indefinite period.  A break would be good.  We shall see!