24-Apr-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

The past 12 days have been unlike any other in my life.  Literally.  Three people I know, aged 91, 44, and 62 passed away within this period of time and they happened in rapid succession.  The first from Covid 19 while the other two from cardiac arrest. 

It saddens me so much.  News of people passing is nothing new to me.  I have lost four of my immediate family in the last 20 years.  Yet, it affects me deeply when I hear of someone passing.

These sad events just make me realize how fragile life is and how quickly and in a split second it can end.  There is no warning.  Death just comes when we least expect it.  It never crossed my mind that the times I met my two friends last summer and last January respectively would be the last. 

Just yesterday, the news reported the rise of people making wills and preparing their living trusts.  I can imagine people doing it now with the spread of the corona virus.  No one knows who will be next and people think it best to prepare.

I have everything ready.  I have long bought and paid for the plot of land in the cemetery.  I plan to be buried next to my dearest mother.  I have likewise prepared my papers (insurance, bank accounts, annuties, cash and the like) for my beneficiares although I hope it won't be soon. 

I can only pray for the departed souls of my friends who have left us.  I know they are in heaven now.